Soft Boiled Eggs / Medium Boiled Eggs

What better way to make eggs than in the Instant Pot? If you haven’t watched – this is how you make hard boiled eggs. As an add on for those curious, this is how I make my boiled eggs – soft and medium. Super simple. Super easy. Also, check out these ESJAY accessories. I am in no way being paid for the review, but they were kind enough to send a set for me to test. The egg rack (doubles as a steam rack), is really cool because I can lift my eggs right out without the eggs wobbling around. 🙂 Esjay Cake Pan Set for Instant Pot 6,8Qt,Ninja Foodi 6.5,8Qt,Toaster Oven,Round Cake Baking Pan,Springform Pan,Bundt Pan, Loaf Pan, Muffin Pan,Accessories for Instant Pot Air Fryer Pressure Cooker
  • eggs

Prep time: 0 minutes Cook time: 11 minutes (including time to pressurize) Ready in: 15-17 minutes Serving size: per egg
  1. Open Instant Pot and add 1 cup of water
  2. Place rack and eggs into Instant Pot and close lid
  3. Select High Pressure Cooking for 1 minute
  4. When done, leave in for 4 minutes (for soft boiled eggs) or 6 minutes (for medium boiled eggs)
  5. Release remaining pressure and leave in cold/ice bath until ready to peel

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